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This paper is fairly sturdy and water-resistant, but should be protected against scratching. It can be mounted and laminated and can be used for a wide variety of indoor graphic applications

  • Frontlit Signage
  • POP & Posters
  • Temporary Signage
  • Indoor Graphics
  • Photographic Prints
  • Tradeshow Graphics

Printing Services for Gloss Posters up to 100 ft.

Need some durable gloss posters for your marketing campaign? The smooth finish of the gloss posters will make every color and detail clearly visible on display. Made with durable material, the item is water-resistant and useful in various ways.

Printing services for gloss posters may include lamination option to protect them from scratching. The three mounting options you can choose from apply the following materials: foam board, gator board, or sentra board. On the other hand, you may opt not to mount the gloss posters. Every print is so refined that even photos can be printed for up to 100 feet in height. Sharp Banners’ printing services guarantee high-quality print results on our gloss posters.

The Cheapest Prices For Gloss Posters Printing in Los Angeles!